Cleopatra's Needle, Devils Lake, Wisconsin


Coming Soon To A Crag Near You.

When not on purple Devil’s Lake quartzite or over-stoking about future climbing trips out West, we spend our time fiddling around with the climbing equipment we all know and love, except we fiddle to make it better.

We come from flat Midwest lands, chossy cliffs and flyover country but we’ve made the best of it this far. And now, we’re working to make the best of climbing gear.

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Climbing is hard enough as it is. Sendgineering’s goal is to keep the frustrating, pesky tasks involved in climbing out of the way so we can all send, more comfortably and more efficiently. While on the wall, we have run into plenty of experiences that have driven us to create the products that Sendgineering is fine tuning.

Part of being a climber is well-rounding your practice, which is why Sendgineering takes concepts, ideas and inspiration from other industries and applies them to better climbing. Right now we have several pretty great ideas, and as knowledge grows with experience, we expect our product line to grow the more we climb.

Coming soon to a crag near you.