It's incredible, the time you'd save if you didn't have to switch out your drill bit everytime you switched from a bolt to a screw in. With this Duo Star Bit, that time wasted is thing of the past. You won’t have to change out your impact bit when you use the Duo Star so dropping those pesky things or finding them in your pockets later won’t be a problem. This 2-in-1 bit works with both standard 8mm bolts and the classic T25 screw. So instead of botching that bit-switch and finding stray bits in the washing mashine, use the Duo Star to make route-setting as smooth as the route itself.


Attach this bit directly to your impact driver for seamless setting and stripping.


- A patent-pending dual-tipped bit to prevent changing bits while setting with different bolts

- One-piece 2" and 3" design attaches directly to impact driver

- 1" insert bit with 3" magnetic bit holder also fits into impact driver

- Can screw in or out 8mm bolts

- Can screw in or out T25 screws

- To be used on the lowest torque/slowest speed setting of an impact driver

Duo Star Bit - 8mm and T25

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