Whether you're sending a few single-pitch trad climbs or you've signed yourself up for an epic day on a multipitch route, dropping gear is never ideal. So instead of sending your nut tool hurling down to the ground when you inevitably hammer too hard on a stuck offset, back it up with our Retracto nut tool leash. With 3.5 feet of steel cable and a a sleek, single-biner design, attach your nut tool to your harness without taking up too much precious racking space while still being able to clean gear far above your head when following. If you fumble your nut tool, the Retracto reels it in, safely still connected to your harness and not tumbling hundreds of feet to the ground or on to the party below.


- A nut tool leash to keep your gear safely connected to your harness

- Can hold and retract any nut tool on the market

- Steel cable won't fray or snap on sharp rock

- Only weighs 1.5 oz, the same as your average carabiner

- Long, 3.5 feet of extension for cleaning gear high overhead or out of reach


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