Old rope is nothing to lose your pants over. So we’ve decided to take whatever core-shot, whippered-out climbing rope we have lying around and recycle it into something useful and awesome. The Rope Belt is made from upcycled rope that otherwise would end up either in a landfill, or sitting in the back of some dirtbag’s closet for the rest of eternity. About 1 inch wide, this belt sports either a matte black or chrome buckle that lays flat to prevent unwanted bunching and adjusts easily.  The buckle also has an added bottle opener so you can crack open that Ale 8 with ease after you send your proj. Wear this belt out on a date, to work, for your family photos, to that Christmas party you’re dreading, or on route at the crag with upcycled style.


1 inch wide
26-30", 30-34", 34-38" long
Made from recycled climbing rope

Matte black or Chrome silver metal buckle (both have a bottle opener)


If you're a friend, family member, or past belay partner and you're psyched on our belts, reach out (email, text, snail mail, call) and we'll get you a discount code so you can support us and rock a recycled rope!

Rope Belt

Buckle Color
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